Hydralyte Electrolyte Hydration Powder Packets - Immunity Boost: 1,000mg Vitamin C, Zinc, with Antioxidants | Rapid Rehydration| Lightly Sparkling | Instant Dissolve | All Natural Citrus Burst, 20 ct by Hydralyte

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  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Includes 1000mg of vitamin c and 10mg of zinc. With 7 key electrolytes this solution was formulated to support immune system function and keep you hydrated for immune boost and defense.
  • LOW SUGAR: When it comes to rapid rehydration, glucose (sugar) is key. When combined with salt at the perfect ratio, glucose accelerates water and electrolyte absorption. But unlike sports drinks or electrolyte products, we use precisely the optimal amount for maximum absorption and not a gram more.
  • LyteRH FORMULA: Our rapid rehydration formula uses a precise amount of water, electrolytes and a dash of sugar. An exact sugar (glucose) to electrolyte ratio that accelerates fluid absorption. However, unlike sports drinks, we use the optimal amount of sugar, not a gram more.
  • FIZZY, NOT STIRRED: HydraLyte fizzes when added to water to help with the mix. Designed so that you have the exact same amount of electrolytes and minerals in every sip you take.
  • DAILY SKIN HYDRATION: Staying hydrated is an essential tool to keeping the skin looking plump and youthful while vitamin c helps aid in the body’s formation of collagen.

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